Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Inspiration and Learning

Please answer the following prompts:  Be honest and specific; fluency and convention use count.  I expect a bit of elaboration for each prompt, so show some depth of thought and some perspective.

1.  What inspires YOU?  What aspects of America inspire you?
2.  How are you staking your identity?  (Do you give thought as to how you will affect and contribute to this country/or the world on a larger scale?)
3.  What keeps you from finding that identity or being who you are (or do you even know who that is yet?) Or-What is it you are searching for?

4) Read and watch below (questions are at the bottom):

Definitions Taken From Mindsets The New Psychology Of Success By Carol Dweck

File:Forward thinking.jpg

Fixed Mindset Defined:
“The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.  It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value.  How does this happen?  How can a simple belief have the power to transform your psychology and, as a result, your life?  Believing that your qualities are carved in stone-the fixed mindset-creates an urgency to prove yourself over and over” (Dweck 6).

File:Thinking Man.jpg

Growth Mindset Defined:
“This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.  Although people may differ in every which way-in their initial talents and aptitudes, interests, or temperaments-everyone can change and grow through application and experience” (Dweck 7).

“The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset.  This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives” (Dweck 7).

Questions to answer:

  • What are your thoughts regarding these definitions?  
  • Are the definitions accurate?  
  • How do they apply to your attitude and approach within the academic realm?
  • How might you try to change your approach, so you can thrive? (Do you find that you need to change your approach?)


  1. Overcoming hardship and hard work paying off are things that inspire me. The revolutionary war and how the patriots who rebelled against England for years and finally gained their independence has always inspired me to work for what I want. OI haven't really thought of how I could change the world when I get older other than
    maybe working with other people to solve a bigger problem. I don't think I had an idea that people would be willing to listen to what I have to say because people really don't do it now. I think that school and pressure of the future are making it hard to find my own identity because there is so much going on I can't really focus on what I love to do and I don't really see my own personality as others might. When I think of these definitions I think that they both are something that I really do not have or something that I am too confused about to find. I think these definitions are accurate to their words but not to me. I think that these definitions apply to me when I think about college and my future because I need to find them in order to move on in life. I would change my approach by thinking more deeply on what I want to do in the future and what will make me happy.

  2. 1.Determination and the will to fight for something that you truly believe in. The fact that no isn’t an answer and the want to improve is what inspires me. The thing about America that inspires me is the history about how we got to where we are. That over the history of the United States we were able to create amazing things from material we didn’t have knowledge of.
    2.I don’t have many ideas about how to improve the U.S or the skills to apply these few ideas but I am willing to help someone who truly believes in their abilities to change America for better. In order to help my country, I will stand with that person.
    3.I know that I want change, I don’t like the United States as it is. All the judgement and hate needs to stop. Racism was fought against and was won by the people yet we still have it today. I want to change the way people look and think about each other.
    4.These definitions make me think about my choices and why I have done what i've done. They make me ponder about my meaning and whether or not i'm creating my own path.
    5.I think that the definitions are accurate, because they made me think about deep down questions that I have about myself and what to do about these questions.
    6.These definitions apply to my academic realm in the sense that I choose to do my hw, I choose whether or not to do well in school. I am determined and I like to get things done as soon as possible, because if I don’t I will procrastinate and never get it done.
    7.I have changed my approach over the years so I don’t think I need to change anything, but rather profect my approach I have now.

  3. The hardships that I have endured are the biggest inspiration to me because it reminds me that life is rough but if you can tough it out it the rewards are great.
    I find inspiration in America's struggle for freedom and it's constant upholding of values.
    2. The only thing I have thought about in regards to my impact on the world is that in the future I will have a impact on the world.
    3. I think the things that keep me from being me is school and my parent, because there are many expectations that I have to meet and they restrict me from being the me I want to be.
    4. After reading the definitions I found myself liking the growth mindset definition because from my personal experience your qualities do change. I have had shifts in my mindset and it is something I believe everyone can do. It's just a matter of persistence to make it change. I do not believe their is a fixed mind set because of my personal experience. I have had some things that I thought were fixed, but through determination I was able to change them.
    5.The growth mind set is accurate because it resonates with me.
    6. It helps me to do my work and enjoy going to school.
    7. I do not think it is a matter of changing my approach but a matter of perfecting. I believe that I have begun to find myself so it is just a matter of perfecting it.

  4. 1. There are many things that inspire me in this world, like my family, celebrities, and many more. But in terms of America, I am inspired by the military. Every single day, men are going to fight for our country, while myself along with many others just sit at home and eat. The courage our men in the military possess inspires me a great deal. They make me want to work harder and help the world. From then past, I also have been inspired from the time of segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up when nearly the whole county hated him, and he pushed and pushed for what was right. There are a couple major things in american history I have been inspired by.

    2. Lately I have been putting in some though into how I will contribute to the world. Because of my wants of going to medical or dental school, I want to go out of the country and serve some medical or dental trips to places that need it. Just from these few plans, I hope to be helping portions of countries with their health.

    3. I think certain things that keep me from finding my true self and what I'm looking for is mainly peer pressure. Sometimes it is hard to say the right thing, or make the correct choice not the cool one because we are worried about what friends and others will think of us. Also our peers can sometimes steer us in the wrong direction keeping us off the track of finding ourselves. Mainly, I think peer pressure is the main cause for me not finding my true self.

    4. I really like and agree with these definitions. I agree, I think that through the effort and handwork people put in, develops their qualities like courageous, hardworking, unique, etc. I also agree with the fixed mindset, the environment a person is in will affect their actions and who they are as a person.

    5. I think both definitions are pretty reliable, but I think the more accurate one is the fixed mindset one. I think that the people you grow up around, the place you're in would have a big impact on the way you grow up and look at the world. The other one could be accurate as well, but this one makes more sense to be true.

    6. Towards the academic world, these definitions could be useful in some ways.The growth mindset is more accurate in this type of situation because the amount of effort someone puts in for studying for a test, or doing homework usually has to do with the qualities of the person. The harder you work, the more hardworking someone is so I think this definition is very accurate with academics.

    7. I think that right now my approach to school, friends, work, and everything else is very good right now. Life is great right now, and I am successful in what I am doing right now. Maybe I could spend my time a little better when I have nothing to do, but right now my approach is great.

  5. 1.I know it's really cheesy but I would have to say that hard work inspires me. Watching someone work as hard as the can to achieve what they want makes me want to work harder in whatever I am doing. It could be someone pushing themselves to score a goal or catch a pass or It could be a college student staying up until three in the morning to finish the work needed for their degree. This kind of drive is what inspires me to be better. Hard work is also good way to describe what inspires me about America. This country was built on the backs of hard working men and women. They are the reasons that we have what we have. I feel very grateful towards these people and it makes me want to work harder to change things and make them better for future generations.
    2.Its hard to think about what I can do to contribute to the country/world. As a sixteen year old girl, there isn’t much I can do! I would like to think that i can do a lot but my time is so wrapped up in school, there isn’t much I can do until i’m done with my education!
    3.I think that I am still trying to find my identity and there are many things that have stood in m way and that will stand in my way in the future but I can’t change that and those are the things that will help shape my identity!
    4.I think that there is always room to grow but there are people that don’t want to grow or they don’t know how to. It takes a lot of help to get someone to grow their mind.
    5.I think that these definitions are pretty accurate. There is always room to grow especially in your mind and with things you love!
    6.This applies to school in a few ways. We are sent to school to learn and expand our thinking but we also expand our social skills. We grow everyday in many different ways.
    7.I guess i could learn and grow more if I didn’t think so negatively all the time. I feel like I only see the bad things but I know I would learn more if I saw a little bit of both!

  6. There are many things that have inspired me to become the person I am today. For example, going on something as simple as a hike in the mountains inspires me to go travel all over the world and see what other beautiful things nature has to offer or, to experience outside of my comfort zone. My parents inspire me has well. Seeing both of their lives turn into success’ despite the struggles they had to overcome throughout each of their lives, inspires me to continue working hard even when times aren’t as easy as I’d like them to be. There are many aspects of America and American history that inspire me to make my own impression in the world and leave something worth remembering me by many years into the future. For example, seeing America overcome one of the most difficult conflicts in American history, segregation, makes me believe that we as a country can overcome many more problems in the future. Not only in American history but present day America as well. Seeing our country continue to make strides into becoming a relatively equal society (gay rights, women’s rights, racism recognition, etc.) inspires me to do as much as possible to continue on to that path. I am one that is not afraid in the least to state my opinion to others around me so, there is very little that keeps me from being who I truly am. I have learned through the past couple years that if you state your opinion right up front, you won’t waste your time with people who don’t appreciate your opinions and the fact that you have your own voice.

  7. 1. The aspects of America that inspire me are freedom, equality, and integration. I say integration as my last point because, deep down we're all humans and we all deserve a fair shot regardless or our religion, skin color, or beliefs. That is how America inspires me.

    2.Humans take on many identities over the course of our life span and that depends on who we meet and identify with. But, I would say the identity I like best is being multiple things(poli politician, songwriter, psychologist, etc.) But, with those main three, I would hope to help people with their problems, to touch the world with creativity and to make America better.

    3. I am searching for ways to make the world better, for ways to expand its lifespan.

    4.These definitions are very true and should be enacted more.

    5.The growth mindset definition is accurate to a point. I say this because, some people just aren't meant to learn math but, strive in EVERY OTHER CATEGORY there is. (Me) I can say that because I have been tossed back and forth from Algebra 1 to pre algebra more than anyone in my 4 years at Arapahoe so far. The fixed mindset definition isn't even accurate because of the the above points.

    6.Having a growth mindset applies to me in the academic field because it shows that I can grow if I try hard enough.

    7.I don't need to change anything. I just need to learn how to cook, take action, make a plan.

  8. 1. The aspects of America that inspire me are freedom, equality, and integration. I say integration as my last point because, deep down we're all humans and we all deserve a fair shot regardless or our religion, skin color, or beliefs. That is how America inspires me.

    2.Humans take on many identities over the course of our life span and that depends on who we meet and identify with. But, I would say the identity I like best is being multiple things(poli politician, songwriter, psychologist, etc.) But, with those main three, I would hope to help people with their problems, to touch the world with creativity and to make America better.

    3. I am searching for ways to make the world better, for ways to expand its lifespan.

    4.These definitions are very true and should be enacted more.

    5.The growth mindset definition is accurate to a point. I say this because, some people just aren't meant to learn math but, strive in EVERY OTHER CATEGORY there is. (Me) I can say that because I have been tossed back and forth from Algebra 1 to pre algebra more than anyone in my 4 years at Arapahoe so far. The fixed mindset definition isn't even accurate because of the the above points.

    6.Having a growth mindset applies to me in the academic field because it shows that I can grow if I try hard enough.

    7.I don't need to change anything. I just need to learn how to cook, take action, make a plan.

  9. 1.What inspires me is how in America you can say what you want and express what you want. I believe that's the greatest tool given because it builds character and its nice to be able to speak your mind without serious consequences.

    2. I want to have a legacy either small like being a good contributing citizen or making a change for the world. But I have realized that true learning comes from experience and failing. Sometimes as a person you have to take risks in order to make a difference. My goal is to be able to help people that have struggled or are currently struggling. I hope that from helping others I can make the world a better and brighter place.

    3. I think sometimes you don't know you goals in life or what your legacy is until you experience it for yourself. Sometimes you can run along people you never met before who can really show your strengths as a person.

    4. I would say that these definitions are true and that I really like the whole growth mindset definition. I am taking AP psychology and I have to say the growth mindset really fits along with the whole humanistic theory and that people are practically good and will make their own decisions based off what they believe in. The whole passion for stretching the mind and self really fits along with how humans are capable of doing good and making a change.

    5. The definitions like I explained in the last question are accurate because people are able to thrive off of something if they always put their mind to it. Like that saying you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it. I also believe that not always if someone is not interested in something but is forced to wanting to do better at it will thrive. I think that you really have to have the wanting to do it.

    6. It really helps me and shows me that I can be whatever I put my heart and soul into. It shows how courageous and powerful I can be.

    7. I think I am on the right path to being the best of what I can be. I don't really know yet what my true legacy will turn out to be but I know I am taking the right steps towards it to find out.

  10. 1. Something that inspires me is watching the personal achievements of other human beings. I constantly hear stories of powerful people who have suffered extreme emotional or physical traumas, yet eventually come out a much stronger person mentally living with those losses. It’s definitely true that you can recover from anything just by making the best of a bad situation. An aspect of America that inspires me is how fast we have grown as a nation. I don’t know what is was exactly but it seems like our nation has progressed much faster than others in the last couple hundred years. It’s interesting how powerful the people can be by acting united and constantly working forwards.
    2. I currently am very unsure about how I want to leave my mark on the world exactly. The system we live in is made for everyone to go to school to be able to get a job and that’s your impact on the world. But then there are those few great people in history that went outside the box and made a real impact that actually matters. So I suppose that I don’t need to wait to get out of school and everything before I start leaving my mark , I just don’t know what that could be at this moment.
    3. Everybody feels out of place at times and everybody feels happy and in their moment in their better times. For me personally I think I need to just keep on searching and being open minded the find something I am very passionate about and can put a lot of work into it to leave a real mark on the world. Again I just havn’t found that passion yet.
    4. I think those definitions are very accurate. I’ve seen a quote that said everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree then it will live thinking it is stupid. I think most people who are feeling out of place or unmotivated are stuck in the fixed mindset stage because they will beat themselves up over not fitting in ways other people do. Anybody can be happy with themselves though if they can actually open their mind and find their passion. I definitely have habits I should break and there are ways I should dive deeper to find out more about myself and I try to do that as much as I can. The thing is it’s sometimes mentally/spiritually draining to try to change my lifestyle so much. But at the same time I don’t want myself living with the same mindset everyday for the rest of my life, and if I hesitate to try to better myself, it usually ends up not happening. Life’s hard sometimes but I believe it will all come together when it’s meant to be.

  11. There are many things that inspire me, but the biggest one is determination. Seeing someone who can set a goal and achieving it by working hard and over achieving obstacles on the way is inspiring because they were so determined to. America fighting for change is an aspect of America. We grow stronger when a tragedy affects us. And even though there are still so many problems today, people fight for change and what they believe in. As we learn from history, we try not to repeat history and make better changes. It’s kind of hard to think of what I contribute to this country. Standing for what I believe in can make the littlest of a difference in this country. I think I’m still trying to find my identity. I don’t really think I know who I am until I experience different things in life. And learn more about things as I grow and go through them. I’m still searching and I think not knowing what’s in the future is also what stops me from discovering it. I really like both the definitions especially the second one. I think that if I were to stick to this definition I could really grow as a person and I should always keep a mindset on something and thrive for things that I believe in. Both these definitions sound accurate. I should apply to these definitions when it comes to school and grow as a student. My approach changes a lot throughout the years. I think setting on a positive mindset will help me achieve whatever my approach is in the future.

  12. 1.It’s hard to compare what personally inspires me and what aspects of America inspires me. I never really find myself contemplating the importance and significance of my role as an American, but I have recently. In the coming years I will have new opportunities and responsibilities like voting, paying for tuition and various types of insurance. And that's what inspires me, my hand in the pot my ability to influence my life by utilizing government programs (voting, tax returns, etc.) and having the freedom to excel in our free market.

    2.My identity as an American can be defined as very involved. I find it exceedingly important to not only use your voice to influence action in others but to enact change which in turn influences actions in others as well.

    3.Nothing is really keeping me from being who I am, I am well aware of my identity and I protect it with rigor.

    4.These definitions make me think of the evolution of the brain, evolution of the brain on a macro scale took hundreds of thousands of years but this definition illustrates how our personal “mind” evolves itself everyday.

    5.This definition is very accurate. Persistence, grit and re-evaluation are integral cognitive re-structuring of neural pathways. So putting your mind in a place of re-structuring and learning and pushing through hard times physically rebuilds your brain to better handle them.

    6.Both of these definitions can improve my academic aptitude immensely. Most times when there is an obstacle that is difficult or stressful, we are prone to either quitting or giving mild effort. But with this growth mindset, we can evolve to becoming more resilient in these stressful situations.

    7.The growth mindset, is something I would be willing to use. Going about that will be tough, especially having to tough through stressful projects. But the having the end goal in mind will definitely be a positive driving factor.

  13. 1. What inspires YOU? What aspects of America inspire you?- What inspires me in this world is other people and the ideas that people come up with. When they come up with an idea it inspires me to come up with an idea and think. The other thing that inspires me is the amount of jobs that we have available, and that helps me know that when I grow up and go out there I can get the job that I want. Only if I work hard at getting it but its possible. That's the other thing that inspires me about America is how we have some many possible opportunities out there for everyone.

    2. How are you staking your identity? (Do you give thought as to how you will affect and contribute to this country/or the world on a larger scale?)- I do give a lot of thought of the kind of person I am going to play role in this country. I have always thought about what I will be doing when I get out of college and where I will be living. I do want to help and serve our country, not in the military but in other ways. I guess that all I am saying is that when I get older I am still going to stay a citizen of America and thats not going to change.

    3. What keeps you from finding that identity or being who you are (or do you even know who that is yet?) Or-What is it you are searching for?- Well I have kind of already found my identity, and I know what I am going to be when I grow up and I have made goals to reach to that job that I want. I believe that I have thought through what my role is for this country and all I need to do know is prepare for that role.The thing that I am trying to look for is people to help me get to that point and help me with my goals that I have set.

    4. What are your thoughts regarding these definitions?- Well I have heard of both of these words and definitions. I think that they are both very accurate and really teach you about how your mind works in terms of who you are. Also how you see yourself in this world and I think its very important to know both of these words and there definitions.

    5. Are the definitions accurate?- Yes they are accurate and both definitions have some similarities and both have there differences. For example they both talk about your mind but, they both talk about different areas in which your mind thinks about who you are.

    6. How do they apply to your attitude and approach within the academic realm?- For me personally I have a great attitude towards learning new things about me each and very day. I also love teaching my self who I am and how I am different from others.

    7. How might you try to change your approach, so you can thrive? (Do you find that you need to change your approach?)- I think in some ares I do need to change my approach. For know I think that I do a good job with my approach and how I thrive in it. It defiantly helps when you have support and to set goals for yourself. Those things will help with your approach and help you thrive.

  14. 1. It sounds cliche, but I am always inspired by people who endure so much each day, yet find a way to put a smile on their face and carry on. There are so many people in this world who have SO much less than myself and so many others around me, yet they still find a way to make it through each and everyday. I’m also so inspired by people who always put others before themselves. I’ve only met a few people throughout my life who fully put everyone before themselves which absolutely amazes, yet humbles me. As far as America is concerned, I am inspired by the men and women who fight for our country each and every day. I’ve had several family members and friends go into the military and I can never fully feel like I can thank them enough for the sacrifices they make for me and this country. It’s people like them who give us the ability to live in one of the greatest countries in the world.

    2. When thinking about how I am staking my identity, I would say that a huge part of it is who I surround myself with. As I’ve grown up, I’ve come to realize that you are truly the company you keep so it is so incredibly important to surround yourself with people who constantly push you to be better everyday. It’s pretty hard to think about my impact in the world as a 16 year old girl, but I definitely think that every action and everything that I do makes an impact on the world whether that means it was good or bad. All I want as I continue to grow older, is to be an example for those around me and inspire others to love themselves and live the life they want to live because that’s the most important thing in my opinion.

    3. The biggest thing that keeps me from fully finding my identity is the expectation and guidelines that society has set for me and my generation. I feel like so many things are already “understood” about our generation and the worth that we have in this world, while I believe that most of those judgements are wrong. I think people expect certain behavior out of our generation and it’s often very hard to shake those judgements. I also think that the fear of not being accepted is another huge factor to not finding my identity right now. I’m way too worried about what others think of me and that really holds me back sometimes. But, I know that eventually I will find my way.

    4. These definitions kind of put a smile on my face. I agree, we are too caught up in our grades and what we have to accomplish NOW, which is why I think it is so great to finally see that people are beginning to realize that these are not the ways to approach education and learning. It definitely makes me think about how my education has been going my entire life and how I would like it to change.

    5. Yes, I really do think that both definitions are pretty accurate. I definitely agree with the Growth Mindset definition because I think that it is completely true that though others may vary in opinions, everyone can grow if they know and believe in what they can achieve.

    6. I feel like I have a more fixed mindset just because that’s the way I grew up. The only thing I’ve really ever known is that your grades and GPA make or break you in the future so my whole life, I’ve worked to achieve a grade on an essay or a certain percent on a test, and that has seemed to be all that mattered. Personally, I would like to change my mindset to a more growth based mindset. The only problem I see with that is the mindset of those around me and the society because if I can’t excel in the future based on my mindset, then what’s the point in changing it?

    7. I would definitely like to try and change my approach a little as a grow and begin my way through more schooling. One way I could go about doing this would be to look at life, schooling and everything in a more positive way. I could work on judging the effort more rather than judging the outcome in many situations. If I am able to change my mindset successfully, I feel that I will be more successful and happier with what I am doing in my life.

  15. 1. What inspires me is mainly anyone who has taken a new direction, really anyone who has become successful no matter their circumstance. People who have persevered through the tough things, and have turned their lives into something they’d dreamed of. This is part of what inspires me within America. Our country is built upon the aspect that if you work hard with no compromise, you can make something extraordinary of yourself.
    2. I believe I’m staking my identity by giving 100% in all that I do, and loving others with a kind and open heart. As of right now, I want people to feel happy and carefree around me, and I only want to positively affect others. I think this is how the world in general should approach living their lives, although that’s obviously easier said than done.
    3. What keeps me from finding my identity would be insecurity or lack of motivation. I want to be so good to others and be able to be free and love unconditionally. I change daily and my goals occasionally differ, but overall I just want to live a driven, happy life.
    4. My thoughts regarding these definitions include that they are completely correct. If you have no motivation for growth and have no perseverance, your life will not change for the better.
    4. I think these definitions are very accurate, and reflect exactly how I want my mindset to affect my outlook and decisions. You cannot overcome serious challenges without the right mindset.
    5. They apply strongly within academics because ultimate success in school requires serious dedication, and being able to problem solve and improve when an assignment or exam does not go as you want it to.
    6. Occasionally I procrastinate and basically sabotage myself by not studying efficiently enough, and lose sight of what I’m working towards. I don’t want my future to be solely in academics, but I know there’s always room for me to work harder.


  16. 1) The biggest thing that inspires me is when I see people help others. Seeing this really inspires me to act and help others around me. The aspects of America that inspire me are when a community comes together in a time of tragedy. I think that this is really inspiring and I love to see people come together and comfort one another in hard times instead of starting protests or riots.

    2) I have given lots of thought about my identity and what I want to be known for when I die, and I think the main thing I want to do is to help the homeless. I want to start an organization that not only provides people with a place to stay, but also help them get back on their feet and help them get a job. I love helping not only the homeless but the hurting the friendless the hopeless. I want everyone to feel like they are loved and cared for.

    3) I think it's really difficult to find your identity at the age I am because lots of adults and people older than me don't think I can make a change in our world since I'm so young, and to a certain point they're right but I think sometimes they shoot us down when really we have great ideas!

    4) These definitions really make me think alot about my life and make me think about my passion and future because even though I have most of my life planned out, I don't really stick with it and I'm not really passionate about it which I should be. I need to grow in my thoughts and passion to be able to fulfill the dreams I have.

    5) I think the definitions are very accurate because I do view myself as strong confident person and the way I view myself affects my actions and the way I present myself as well. Also with the second definition, I really think this specifically applies to my life because I'm not a very passionate person which is something I really need to work on to be able to fulfill the goals I have made for myslef and want to accomplish.

    6) These definitions apply to academics and my attitude by becoming more passionate about my school work and wanting to learn instead of dreading to learn. Also becoming more passionate about swimming and my after school activities otherwise I won't get anywhere.

    7) I need to change my approach from I don't really care to, I do care and want to learn new things and want to be able to thrive in school, swimming and other goals I have for myself. If I don't care or I don't think of myself with the utmost respect and responsibility I won't get anywhere!

  17. 1. What inspires YOU? What aspects of America inspire you?

    Sometimes I think that there is nothing to left in America to be inspired by, but when I truly think about all the things surrounding me I realize that I can find inspiration in even the small things. I’ll watch a movie that has an inspiring monologue with an amazing soundtrack behind it or I’ll see a story on the news about a young hero, and it’s in these things that I find my inspiration. In America I always hear stories about people who pursue their passions and make a life out of it, or people who persevere through a tough path and end up on top. That is the America that inspires me.

    2. How are you staking your identity? (Do you give thought as to how you will affect and contribute to this country/or the world on a larger scale?)

    Honestly most of the time I’m too busy worrying about small petty things in my life to take a moment and think about the bigger picture. I’d like to think that someday I’ll be remembered for something great I’ve done for my country or the world, but I think that if I’m able to change the lives of just a few people that I’d be satisfied with that just as much.

    3. What keeps you from finding that identity or being who you are (or do you even know who that is yet?) Or-What is it you are searching for?

    I’m searching for an extraordinary life. I don’t know who I am or who I want to be but I know that I want more then this life I have now. There are so many things holding me back from discovering myself but none of those things are too hard to overcome, I just have to want it enough.

    4. What are your thoughts regarding these definitions?

    After reading these definitions I think that if everyone was taught to have a growth mindset then there would be a lot more important questions being asked in this world.

    5. Are the definitions accurate?

    I think that these definitions are pretty accurate. The fixed mindset is correct in saying that you believe you can’t so thats what becomes reality. I have heard this in so many different contexts and the same goes for the growth mindset.

    6. How do they apply to your attitude and approach within the academic realm?

    After reading these definitions I think that if I start learning with a growth mindset then I might understand a lot of things better. If I believe that I can learn something then it will help me to succeed more in classes.
    7. How might you try to change your approach, so you can thrive? (Do you find that you need to change your approach?) For the most part I think that I’ve generally had a growth mindset, but one approach I can change is how I study for tests and quizzes. Often I find myself confused with my study methods so if I have a growth mindset maybe I can change that.


  18. What inspires me? The thing that inspires me hugely is success. I want to grow up and be something big which makes me want to work hard now so in the future I can be successful. In America we have had huge success and we have had failures I don't want to be just another person in history to be a failure I want to be living the American dream and be happy in life.
    To make your identity important is hard but the way I plan on doing it and helping out America is by doing what most Americans do in their everyday lives and that is work. Just by doing a job as simple as being a mechanic or a nurse means you will be fixing cars so families can drive or getting people healthy when they are sick. Just by taking on a job America will be slowly getting better.
    The reason I have trouble being myself for the most part is because I don't know if people will like the way I act or make fun of me because of how i’m acting When deciding if I should say tell a joke at lunch before I say it sometimes I debate, what kind of person will this make me look like? Will I look like a complete fool or just make someone laugh? peer pressure is the reason I may not always act like myself.

  19. I get inspired by many things, like my friends or family. Or even being alone and just having time by myself. My American inspiration comes from my ancestors. They traveled millions of miles with nothing, but the clothes on their backs. They started from nothing but they had that one dream, where they would have a better life for themselves and their kids.
    I’m staking my identity everyday by learning the world around me. I’m taking it all in to see what will be next for me in the future. I hope to see that I will do more great things with my life.
    What keeps me from finding my identity is that, I feel like I’m to young. When I eventually move out, and see more of the world, I will probably find it. Just by having school and education be my entire life, reading such historical, beautiful places just don't do it justice for actually being their.
    I think these definitions are set in stone like no one can be in the middle of these.
    Yes I think these definitions accurate, and I just looked them up to make sure I knew which was which. I think I know a lot of people who have the growth mindset because they’re very dedicated for instance like band, and they like working hard. I have no idea how they do it.
    I feel like I really lean into the fixed mindset. I do have that mindset of feeling like a failure when I don’t do very well in a subject. I just create excuses after excuses of why I can’t master something, and then I just give up.
    I find if I try to change this to thrive it will be very challenging. If I've always had this mindset it will probably be very difficult to get rid of it. I think if I had a better growth mindset it will probably help me in the future.

  20. 1.The feeling of becoming a person that people can look up to inspires me. My parents and all the sacrifices they make for me inspires me. My hard world and dedication to the things I love inspires me. Many aspects of America inspire me but most of all the men and women that fight for our country inspire me the most. They leave there families behind to make sure that other families can live peacefully and safely. Our military inspires me to be proud of my country and have patriotism for it. Lastly the military inspires me to put others first and to be thankful that I live in such a great country every day.
    2. I am only a teenager and at this point in my life I don't put much though into how I will contribute to America or the world. God is in control and he will decide what kind of mark I will leave on this world. I trust that my path and my role in life is still being made everyday. I do know that I want to be a role model to kids when i’m older and I want to make a positive influence wherever I may end up in my future.
    3.The main thing that keeps me from finding my true identity is being afraid to make mistakes in life. If you live your life afraid of making mistakes you will never truly understand your identity. I am who I am today because of the mistakes I have made. You can never please everybody in life so I always push to be myself and I am never afraid of making mistakes in life.
    4. My thoughts regarding these definitions are that your mindset in life is everything. How you view the world is totally based on your mindset. Having your qualities carved in stone helps you fight through hard times, and always believe in yourself. This motivates me to stay true to myself and have the right mindset.
    5.These definitions are most definitely accurate. Although some might disagree,
    everyone can relate to some aspect of these definitions. People may look and react to each one different but in the end they all have the same meaning. These definitions encourage people to view the world differently and have a mindset that will help them do that.
    6. These definitions help my approach to school because they encourage me to have the right mindset. If you look at school as a burden on your back everyday then you will get nothing out of it. You have to take each day as an opportunity to learn and define your role in life. They help me approach school as an opportunity for my future not a waste of time.
    7. One way I am trying to change my approach is by changing my mindset. I want to thrive in everything I do and in order to do that I need to have a positive mindset towards everything. I need to carve in stone my qualities and stick to them no matter what life throws in front of me.

  21. Something that inspires me is people. When someone has gone through hardships and pain and they give everything to reach their goal and make something of themselves. People like that inspire me because I think being dedicated about something is such a great way to express who you are and make your imprint on this world. There are always going to be people who disagree with what you do in your life, but the people who don’t care what others think are the people who I find inspiring. In American the aspect of freedom has always inspired me. I don’t think that people were not meant to be contained or controlled. Yes everyone needs a little bit of guidance but I think for the most part that people should find and be able to do what makes them happy and find their passions. I think America is just the country to do that, because the amount of opportunities we have for everyone. I think that right now the only thing that I can do to stake my identity in this country/world is be a teenager and go to school and find my passion and once I find my passion then I can make a contribution to that. I haven't really thought about how I will affect or contribute to the world or this country on a larger scale. I think that there are definitely obstacles that keep you from finding that identity or who you are. I think that people are the biggest obstacle in finding who you are. Especially because there are always going to be people who are going to disagree with your passions and the things that make you, you. I definitely don’t believe that I know who I am. I can say that I know a lot of the aspects about me that make me who I am. I think that I am way too young to know all the things that I am passionate about but I can say that I have found a couple of them. I really want to find the one thing that can make me happy no matter what, that I can do every day and never get tired of. That is something that I am still searching for and that I hope to find.
    I think that the definitions were said very well, and I agree with them completely. The accuracy of them are very good and I think that they needed to be expressed upon more teachers and students. I do believe that I was raised in a generation where grades are all that matters. It is very sad but I think as an individual that I do try to go in more depth in my learning then what is expected. I try very hard to make an effort in having that mindset while doing homework. I think that I could change my approach in the way I feel about a not getting something the first time or not succeeding the first time.


  22. 1)America inspires me by wanting to fix problems. It has taught me that if you want something to change, you have to change it for yourself you can't just hope it changes or complain about it, you have to be the change.

    2)As I said in my speech a few days ago, I’m very passionate about the ocean and sharks, and I like to think that one day I will make a change, whether it be big or small, that impacts the US and possibly the world. I am one small voice trying to speak out for a big problem.

    3)What keeps me from truly finding out who I am and finding my true passion is time and lack of independence. Sadly I am 16 years old and a junior in highschool. I do not have time to travel and scuba dive as I please and I also am not able to obviously educate myself at a college level on what I would like to learn about. There really isn’t anything I can do about these roadblocks but educate myself as much as I can and not take my vacations for granted.

    4)I believe that the definitions given for the fixed mindset and the growth mindset are very true and realistic. They apply to the real world not just one thing.

    5)Like I said, I think they apply to the real world. I would think they are most likely inspiring people to broaden their horizons, try new things, and educate themselves.

    6)The fixed mindset made me think about how I get into holes where I believe I am only so much or can only do so much, but like the definition says, “a simple belief can change your psychology and life.” At school, things get frustrating for some people and other things are a piece of cake. In the growth mindset definition, it states “This growth mindset is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts” to me that means that there is always room to improve and you shouldn’t just quit something because you’re not good at it the first few times you do it.

    7)With certain subjects I think I need to change my approach. Such as math, I tend to get frustrated when I can’t figure out or understand an equation or problem. I then begin to believe I can’t do it at all and decide to quit instead of asking for help and attempting at getting better at it.

  23. 1 The things that inspire me the most are sports. Sports are possibly The best thing in the world, they unite community's they give us something to look forward too. There's underdogs all the time and people love underdog story's. Great role models also come out of sports to inspire our youth.

    2. I'm staking my identity bye being me and not letting what other think or say affect how I live I wear what I want, say what I want, and do what I want. I also surround my self with good friends who care about me and would do anything for me and I'd do anything for them.
    3. What's keeping me from truly finding myself would probably be my age, it's hard to travel and see the places I wanna see at my age. Plus we have a school experience that's possibly the worst ever. With all the pressure we have to be above average and then you throw on clubs and sports and friends trying to peer pressure you its all a lot to handle.
    4. I would totally agree with the definitions given they make perfect sense.
    5. Like I said I totally agree with the definitions given above
    6. If I don't like a teacher or the content I usually won't even try I'll do the minimum which is bad but even always done that so its hard to change that aspect of me.
    7 if I was to change my approach in a Subject it would be math I think I look to deep into the problems which makes them more complicated.

  24. 1. I am inspired by perseverance. In America, I am inspired when I see people who start out ordinary and work their way to the top. This takes work and it reminds me that I can do it too.
    2. I find my identity in Jesus Christ. I want my footprint on this world to be in the form of a Christian horse rescue. In this way, I can help people and help the creatures that I care so deeply about.
    3. In high school, there are so many people telling you that you aren't good enough. That you can't change the world. Truth is, I can. Sometimes, the negativity gets in my way but I do find a way to overcome it.
    4. I think that these definitions will completely change the way school is viewed. If we all have a growth mindset, we will have something to look forward to, to achieve. As it is right now, we are dragging through, not finding the hope to continue. As for myself, it will make me more aware to my cognition so I will know if I am actually learning and applying compared to memorizing and regurgitating.

  25. 1)I am inspired that in America anyone can come up from nothing and become something for them selves and other people. Change and solve problems others couldn't solve. Anything we want our selves we can get.
    2) I find my identity being just an average guy. I keep to my self but I can totally open myself up to new possibilities.
    3) Whats keeping me from finding my self? Well I don't really know. I think at my age I have figured out some beliefs I have that I've come to on my own, how I want my life to turn out and I am happy with what I have in front of me today.
    4) My thoughts on this definitions is how mindset and confidence in yourself is important so that I can get through hard times with friends, family, work or school. Today all of us will need to be able to set goals, carry on out through them and work hard to accomplish difficult goals, tasks and problems.

  26. 1. I believe as a person I’m inspired by my own ideas and dreams. It’s what I think about that makes me strive to be the best. But when it comes to the country I live in there’s not much that inspires me, not the government or the sense of security, not the average suburbs or the thouthands of tv shows. It’s more about the connection we have as Americans that inspires me, how we can all be into the same things but be our completely own person making each and everyone of us unique.
    2. As of right now I wanna be a environmental engineer, I wish to do this so I can find safer ways to produce energy, without polluting our atmosphere more than it already is. There’s bigger issues in this world than Miley Cyrus hosting the VMA’s or Donald Trump making a fool of himself running for president.
    3. The only thing keeping me from finding my true identity is my lack of experience. The fact that I have barely seen any of the world, and have so many ideas and things to learn shows that I can not truly know who I am as a person yet, but I will eventually know enough about my surroundings to truly find my own unique identity.
    4. After getting my real writing back that you grade, and I wrote in it “what's the point? To grow up in a society where everyone has a plan for you.” and you told me to follow my own plan. I’ve been thinking about that a lot. How you look at life is how you will perceive it. If you think life is meaningless and you were just put here to do things that won’t change anything in this world then that's what your life will become. But if you wake up with a smile on your face every morning, because you know that that day will just be another stepping stone towards a brighter perhaps world changing future.
    5.I don’t believe these are completely accurate, no one needs to prove themselves over and over. You just have to do you and the right people will realize your potential and what you have to offer. For example, I play football and i was suspended for the first game and i got a lot of shit cause I couldn’t start again this week and people were telling me that I’m not good enough to play varsity. But i bust my ass and work hard for myself no one else. I wanna impress myself i don’t care what people have to say about me cause no one knows me like I know me. I just wanna play football because i love the game with a passion and need to be on that field to satisfy that feeling.
    6. If you feel as though you aren’t smart and aren’t good enough to go to a big university and get a good degree then that’s what will happen. The mindset you create for yourself in the academic environment reflects the grades you get and the people you surround yourself with.
    7. Throughout high school I’m gonna be honest I have done the minimal amount of work to get by with a 3.5, because I personally don’t find it fascinating enough to learn a ton about something I’m gonna forget in 6 months. I pay attention to some small things because i like having background knowledge to start civilized conversations, but other than that when am I ever gonna use trig identities, or the amount of moles in 79.3 grams of Ag gold. Honestly maybe i should try a different approach and apply myself more, but I want to know that it’ll benefit my dreams not just help me get there with a good GPA.

  27. 1. I believe that I am inspired by my family. They've showed me how to successfully thrive in America and how to do it while giving back. America has been going through hard times lately. It is a lot harder to make a living now and to have a solid hold in life. My parents have showed me that it is possible to do well and also to give back to other people who can’t live as well. It shows me that you are able to have big dreams and can still obtain them. I think that people have been driving towards dreams that are “realistic” instead of big and out there because they've been told that it's impossible to have those kind of dreams.
    2. I'm not sure what I want to do with my life yet, let alone in the future. It hard to tell as a teenager because you're still trying to find youself. I know that when I grow up I want to be doing something I love and still give back to the community. People who aren't as lucky, are not able to do what they love and they have to settle for less in life. I am going to try my best to not be one of those people. I want to be doing what I love while still living my life to the fullest. I also want to be giving back to those who are in need and help people also find their path in life, even if I don't know mine now.
    3. I think that it's hard to tell who you want to be in life because there's so many things you can be. People are discovering what they want to do in life and who they are and it's stressful because it makes you feel like you should already know who you want to be and what you want to do. It's kind of like a competition on who can find themselves first. I just want to be happy with my life when I grow up. I want to be able to say “I'm happy with who I am and who I've become” when im older.
    4. I think that those definitions are showing that you can still have big dreams if you work hard enough to pursue them. If you have your mind set on it, and your driving towards your goals, than you can achieve anything. They also make me think about what kind of path I want in life.
    5. The fixed mindset applies to me because I believe if you have your mind set on it, you can do anything.
    6. Sometimes I doubt myself in academics. For example before I take a test, I start to doubt my knowledge of that subject, but if I know that I worked really hard on that subject and if I know that i know the information and can do well on the test I start believing in myself. I know that I can do well in a subject if I work hard at it.
    7. I should have more confidence in myself in some subjects. I should know that I can do well and can thrive if I put my mind to it and work hard.